Twitter halts majority of hiring as Elon Musk takeover begins to take shape

Twitter halts majority of hiring as Elon Musk takeover begins to take shape

Twitter will suspend most hiring starting this week ahead of Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the company. The move comes as executives are fleeing the social media platform over their objections to Musk’s stated intention to invigorate the platform with pro-free speech policies.

fox business reported on Thursday that the hiring freeze will not impact business-critical roles, according to a Twitter spokesperson who spoke with the publication.

The Twitter representative said the social media giant would cut “non-work related” expenses to ensure it is “responsible and efficient”.

The move comes as the managing director of Twitter’s consumer products division, Kayvon Beykpour, and head of revenue products, Bruce Falck, are leaving the company after being ordered to leave by CEO Parag Agrawal.

Beykpour, who worked for the company for seven years, confirmed the news in a Twitter thread on Thursday, saying it was not his decision to leave the company.

“The truth is, this isn’t how and when I imagined leaving Twitter, and it wasn’t my decision,” he said. “Parag asked me to leave after letting me know he wanted to take the team in a different direction.”

Beykpour, who expressed disappointment with the decision, said he was proud that his team “changed the perception of Twitter’s pace of innovation” and “changed the culture internally to make bigger bets, go faster and eliminate the sacred cows”.

“I hope and expect that Twitter’s best days are still ahead of it,” he said. “Twitter is one of the most important, unique and impactful products in the world. With the right education and stewardship, this impact will only grow.

Falck, who has worked with Twitter for five years, created a similar thread thanking his team for their hard work.

“We’ve upgraded our ad serving, predictions, analytics, attribution, billing, API and many other systems, dramatically improving our reliability and scalability,” he said. “Everything this team has done and will do rests on the shoulders of the giants who have done this work – those dedicated IC engineers who rarely see the spotlight or get the recognition they deserve. The unsung heroes who make Goldbird (and Twitter) what it is.

Musk is expected to take over as Twitter’s interim CEO after his deal closes later this year, which remains subject to approval by Twitter shareholders, receipt of applicable regulatory approvals and satisfaction of terms and conditions. closing, Fox Business reported.

Like detailed by Rebel NewsMusk has said he intends to overturn President Donald Trump’s permanent ban when he takes over the company.

“I think it was wrong to ban Donald Trump,” Musk said. “I think that was a mistake, because it alienated a lot of the country and ultimately didn’t stop Donald Trump from having his voice heard.”

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