Recommended Reading: Behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 Lightning

Recommended Reading: Behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 Lightning

John Beltz Snyder, Autoblog

The Ford F-150 is an incredibly popular truck, so the launch of the electric version is an important moment for the American automaker. Our colleagues from Autoblog took the wheel for some first impressions of the F-150 Lightning.

twenty thousand hertz

The second part of the story behind Windows’ iconic startup sounds continues with the company’s decision to remove audio from Windows 8. If you missed the first installment, former lead interface designer Microsoft user Jensen Harris and sound designer Matthew Bennett discuss the clips. This episode covers the “Ta-da!” from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7, including the Brian Eno chime created for Windows 95.

Iain Macintosh, Athleticism

EA Sports’ final FIFA-branded soccer game will be FIFA 23 as the two parties will go their separate ways after working together to build the iconic series. Athleticism explains why FIFA’s decision to create its own games (yes, plural) could prove to be a costly mistake.

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